Yizumi in Slovenia. Compendia d.o.o. as Yizumi Co. Ltd. official partner

Partnership between Compendia d.o.o. and Yizumi Co. Ltd.

Compendia d.o.o. is an official partner and exclusive distributor for Yizumi machines and products for Slovenia.

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangdong, China in 2002. Since then it grew to become a global supplier specializing in the molding equipment for manufacturing industry. It offers a one-stop shop solution as an equipment supplier, integrating the functions of design, research and development, manufacturing sales and customer service.

Yizumi is the first manufacturer of molding machines whose stocks are, since 2015, available for trade on Chinese stock exchange in Shenzhen (ChiNext). Since 2016 Yizumi became a third largest vendor of molding machines in China. In 2019 Yizumi sold over 5000 machines, of which 1200 were sold worldwide. Yizumi employs around 2700 engineers and technicians and its production capacities count around 300.000 square meters.

Yizumi produces machines up to 3400 Tonnes. Compendia is on the other hand specialized for machines in A5 family, however we offer other Yizumi products as well.

The smallest A5 machine is 60 Tonnes and the largest is 2600 Tonnes.

More information on Yizumi molding machines in available on the webpage: