Who we are. and what are our values

What is Compendia?

Compendia is a plural form of the medieval Latin word compedium which means a summary of a larger work or of a field of knowledge.
Compendia d.o.o. is a privately held company which gathers ambitious and skilled young professionals with a good track record of realised projects in various fields of different industries. Compendia d.o.o. has started as a series of informal brainstorming sessions with an aim to improve certain processes but has slowly developed into a company which is able to provide support to the region of South-Eastern and Central Europe.

Who we are?

The Compendia team consists of process engineers, product specialists, purchase and sales managers and other consultants who have worked in both big and medium sized organisations for different industries and have thorough knowledge about certifications, good production practices, process organisation, quality and leadership. Due to the fact that our team members come from international backgrounds we are able to deliver presentations and trainings in different languages.

What is Compendia’s vision of a successful organisation?

In Compendia we derive our philosophy from nature and its mechanisms and therefore we do not believe in ideal conditions and states. However we do believe in the never-ending process of changes and adaptations which is observed in nature since the beginning. Biologists call it evolution, We call it continuous improvement. Since those ideas are deeply incorporated into our way of work they are also depicted in our company logo which symbolises fresh idea (light bulb), sustainable growth (tree shape) and advanced technology (represented by electronic vias).

Successful organisation is therefore a healthy organism which consists of different parts with specified functions that are connected and synchronised with each other. Therefore keeping the organisations successful and able to tackle new challenges is our mission and spreading the best practices in the ever changing market of Europe is our vision!