Success stories. and how we slayed some dragons

As a company founded in 2017 we cannot tell many success stories written under the Compendia name yet. However, our team members have been in the industry for a longer time and through the years the’ve seen, felt and perfomerd many changes, went through various challenges and solved a lot of problems. Some of those that we are most proud of are:

  • Definition of company processes from the scratch;
  • Support at the redesign NPI phase;
  • Setup of document management system (DMS);
  • Automation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system processes;
  • Implementation of manufacturing execution system (MES);
  • Benchmarking and assessment of machines;
  • Setup of machine matrix with maintenance plans and evidence lists;
  • Advanced production time and cost estimation model;
  • Procurement costs reduction and
  • Decreasing of warehouse stock value.

Let’s write more success stories together!