DentIS. Dental praxis informational system

DentIS (Dental information System) is a product of Compendia d.o.o. based on Microsoft SharePoint® platform and specially tailored for dental praxis. DentIS provides easy and simple administration of dental records, automated notification system for upcoming check-ups and interventions and quick insight over the performed interventions for each patient.

Data is transparently managed and a denral records are available for each individual patient.

It is possible to create custom queries and search all events and patients, based on content or certain keywords.

It simulates virtual office – easy access via smartphone, tablet or computer, wherever, whenever (24/7). Stable internet connection needed only.

Data is not stored on a single server but on cloud, which is the part of Microsoft infrastructure. That way data stays safely stored thus protecting your and privacy of your patients.

Automated SMS notifications can be tailored according to the specific requirements of each dental clinic.

System is able to record data which is important for tracing the successes of each intervention – certain medication and materials which can be a solid ground for quality improvement and possible tracking of upcoming warranty claims.

Dentis can be customised in accordance to the specifics of each dental praxis.

Number of users is virtually unlimited. System can be used and accessed from several different computers – username and password required.

No setup required due to the fact that access is done via the your favourite internet browser. System is therefore not binded to a single computer or OS. The only requirement is security check-up which is easily performed using the username and password – like an e-mail.

Cost is significantly lower in comparison with similar systems available on the market.

»I prefer DentIS over other available systems because it allows me to access all data using the tablet or mobile phone. That means that I can easily check the calendar or financial report even if I’m not in the clinic. Reports can be made for each patient, dentist or specific intervention. Database is continually updated and is not dependant on a local hard drive which means that system stay intact in case of hardware breakdown. The fact that data is stored in cloud gives me a sense of security which means a lot for me, my personnel and my patients.

Dejan Grozdanović, Doctor of Dental Medicine