Technology. is a science of craft

Members of the Compendia team are also engineers which had an opportunity to work and solve various problems which arose before, during or after production processes. Experience and right tools and knowledge are needed for processes that lead to profit.

When it comes to tools an organisation has to avoid several traps which can affect correct choice of tools and machinery. The main trap is industry hype or copying someone else’s tooling only because they are bigger or more successful. Understanding of your own processes and mid- and long-term plans is crucial for making the right choice, because for good products and stable processes you will need the right tools.

Our engineers have seen different types of bottlenecks in production. Most of the time bottlenecks were caused by inappropriate tooling but a usually neglected fact are non-optimised processes, material flow or lack of knowledge or organisation. Usually an opinion from someone outside of the organisation brings a fresh view on current challenges shedding the light on before unseen details and facts which are causing problems.

Our experts can help you define the right NPI process, shaping it according to your needs, clients and goals that you want to achieve.