Processes, improvement and inter-connectivity. and why it matters

New Product Introduction

One of the most important activities in manufacturing praxis is correct definition and implementation of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. The NPI process is the key factor that makes the difference between profitable and non profitable products.

Depending on the industry and particular products there is a lot of different NPI concepts. However, all of them do have these vital parts:

  • 1. Review of the design and assist the customer;
  • 2. Review of the documentation (BOM, assembly drawings, technical docs, …);
  • 3. Make a quotation based an all available information including simulations;
  • 4. NPI kick-off – define all tasks which have to be done, responsible personnel, schedule and deadlines;
  • 5. Prototype production, review and confirmation;
  • 6. Pre-mass production phase and preparation for mass production phase;
  • 7. Mass production and NPI closure.

Therefore every organisation has to choose the right NPI model for its business. We in Compendia have a broad experience on different models and different business types and would be happy to advise you the most optimal solution.

Supply chain and Purchase

Materials are a major source of instability in every production process. Without stability of processes we cannot achieve repeatable and reliable results which are necessary for high quality products.
For that reason, having control of the supply chain and ordering the right amount of materials from a right and reliable source is one of the most important processes which affect quality and customer satisfaction level.

Depending on your organisation size we can advise different methods to control supply sources and minimise process variation caused by the 3rd party materials or services.

Shop floor organisation

In order to keep your processes tidy and on time with constant and fluent material flow with minimal or no excessive movement, a good shop floor organisation is needed. Some of the immediate actions include making different diagrams in order to study the material and operator’s movement, putting certain workplaces or tools together or closer to the operation where they are needed the most.

Customised trainings

An organisation is only as good as the people working for it. Therefore having all personnel up to date with the newest or most usable praxis is of vital interest for the management. Only skilled employees who are fully aware of their responsibilities and importance in the every phase of production process are able to deliver top-class services and create big enough added value to support constant and stable growth.

Having worked in various organisations Compendia team has accumulated a thorough experience and wide specter of knowledge and are able to deliver customised trainings for your personnel.