Assessments and audits. is where everything starts

The beginning of every successful assessment is understanding the needs of our customers. Therefore, our team has to learn more about the current challenges, goals, vision and mission of our customer. In order to do this we perform an interview with your management and recommend a “go-thru-production tour”.

During the “go-thru-production tour” we get talk with your staff, quickly check your processes and basic documentation. In order to standardise this process, to identify the major gaps in your organisation and areas where you could reach higher standards, we have developed a series of methods which we incorporated into an algorithm that helps us get a clear picture where your company stands compared to the ideal situation.
The duration of a “walk-thru-production tour” is approximately 1 hour.

After the assessment we present the results to your management and talk about further steps. In the case that both sides see the same areas for improvement we advise different activities which might include trainings, aimed consulting or other form of cooperation.

For a successful cooperation, good communication between our team and your organisation is of utmost importancethat is why we pay attention to any sources of resistance. Changes can be implemented only if all included sides see the benefit in them. Therefore, we try to find a common benefit which will motivate everyone involved to take an active participation and help the organisation to do better. At the end every organisation relies on their employees, their motivation and feeling of well being.

Understanding the current economical situation we offer long-term or one-time solutions to our customers. The first assessment is free of charge since it is a way to get to know each other and build relationship of mutual trust.

In case you have any further questions regarding our services please do not hesitate to contact us.