Consulting. how we can help you

The Compendia team consists of experts in various fields of manufacturing industries who offer business consulting for R&D and production companies.

We offer a variety of customised trainings and assistance in four major fields:

Assessments and audits


“A go-thru-production tour provides the most important information about your organisation”

During the assessment/audit phase we conduct a detailed analysis of your company processes, quality management system and production shop floor organisation using a “go-thru-production tour”. The goal is to identify weak points which can be improved in order to achieve better results and make more added value. We offer assistance for potential customer or certification audits (acquirement or renewal).

Processes and inter-connectivity


“Every action has a reaction and it’s the same with processes”

We provide assistance with reshaping your organisation’s business processes. Our focus is on the NPI process since it makes the most added value but we do not underestimate inter-connection between different production processes, machines, systems and processes which highly influence quality of production. In order to get closer to the requirements and implement Industry 4.0, processes and their influences on each other are the first thing that has to be checked and reshaped.

Technology and maintenance


“For good products and stable processes you will need the right and well maintained tools”

Our engineers have firm knowledge and experience with different kinds of equipment and in case you have any doubts we can help you choose the right tools for your needs. In order to recommend you the right equipment we will have to learn more about your capacities, plans and products, because when it comes to tooling, what is good for one company may not always be beneficial for another. In order to keep your process running smoothly the right (preventive) maintenance plans should be created and put in practise.

Quality and continuous improvement

“Know your standards because time is money”

Being up-to-date with the related industry standards will help you save the time and money that competitors are spending to repair things which otherwise don’t need to be repaired. Being able to recognise defect from target and defect from acceptable condition means saving money for rework/repair. However, in the case that a warranty claim is already received there is a variety of methods for searching for the root cause and eliminate it. Our experts can assist you with this matter.